Computational Study for the Aromatic Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction on 1-Dimethylamino-2,4-bis(trifluoroacetyl)-naphthalene with Amines

Norio Ota, Tomohiro Nakada, Takumi Shintani, Yasuhiro Kamitori, Etsuji Okada
2018 International Journal of Organic Chemistry  
Our previous research showed that aliphatic amines were put in order of high reactivity as "ethylamine > ammonia > t-butylamine > diethylamine" on the aromatic nucleophilic substitution of 1-dimetylamino-2,4-bis(trifluoroacetyl)naphthalene 1 in acetonitrile. The DFT calculation study (B3LYP/6-31G* with solvation model) for the reactions of 1 with above four amines rationally explained the difference of each amines reactivity based on the energies of their Meisenheimer complexes 3 which are
more » ... es 3 which are assumed to formed as the reaction intermediates in the course of the reaction giving the corresponding N-N exchange products 2. Intramolecular hydrogen bond between amino proton in 1-amino group and carbonyl oxygen in 2-trifluoroacetyl group stabilizes Meisenheimer complexes 3 effectively, and accelerates the substitution reaction from 1 to 2. Our calculation results also predicted that the above order of amines is also true if less polar toluene is used as a solvent instead of acetonitrile even though more enhanced conditions are required.
doi:10.4236/ijoc.2018.83020 fatcat:ya7sqef2gfdjnilg5tql7wkzky