Evolution Dynamics of Container Port Systems with a Geo-Economic Concentration Index: A Comparison of Japan, China and Korea

Yiping Le, Hitoshi Ieda
The advent of containerization technology has resulted in inter-port competition due to the expansion of hinterlands. Two tendencies, namely concentration and deconcentration of container traffic, have been observed during this process. This study focuses on three Eastern-Asia countries: Japan, China and Korea, to make a comparative discussion of their port concentration dynamics during 1975-2005. Based on the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI), a new index named Geo-Economic Concentration Index
more » ... oncentration Index (GECI), which considers the competitive interactions among ports by incorporating geographical and economic characteristics of countries, is presented to measure the degree of concentration of the port systems on a country level. The results of concentration analysis using this new index show the diversified evolution dynamics of the countries concerned. Furthermore, the differences of evolution patterns are explained from the perspective of port governance structure and development policies.
doi:10.11175/eastpro.2009.0.428.0 fatcat:p6qsymcrg5cp7hjog6l5pt3aoi