Study on Demand Characteristics and Market Segmentation of Sweet Potatoes in Beijing Urban Area

Zhang Lixin, Liu Ruihan, Lei Siyu
2018 Proceedings of the International Conference on Economic Management and Green Development (ICEMGD 2018)   unpublished
We investigated the consumption characteristics of sweet potatoes in thousands of consumers made a detailed analysis of the market segmentation in this research. The result shows that the majority of consumers are satisfied with the quality of sweet potatoes products and focus on the therapeutic effect and nutritional value of them. In the choice of goods, outdoor dining consumers are tended to purple potatoes and home cooking consumers regard the product expediently to buy as the first choice.
more » ... s the first choice. In terms of purchase place, most consumers is given priority to the farmer's market, community shop and the supermarket, however, the proportion of online shopping less than 3%. By taking the consumer age, culture level, occupation and family year income as segmentation variables, the sweet potatoes consumption market is divided into two submarkets that is "core interests" and "functional extension". Consumer groups in the former market segments are more sensitive to the appearance, taste, price, and convenience of consumption process focusing on products' property of material needs than others. Consumer groups in the latter attach more significance to diet & nutrition function, and further emphasize deeper spiritual needs such as environmental protection, vegetarian. Sweet potatoes-production operators in suburbs of Beijing are able to choose the target market suited for their own management ability, which are beneficial to enhance their own ability to response market demand and increase the operating earnings by the needs of different market segments. According to the consumption characteristics of diverse market segments, managers also could establish appropriate industrial objectives, and then improve the industry support policy, promoting the gradual optimization of sweet potatoes industry supply structure and the rising of the industrial competitiveness.
doi:10.2991/icemgd-18.2018.24 fatcat:g6br35nbbvc55da5wkpyifuqxi