Benchmarking of Siemens Linac in Electron Modes: 8-14 MeV Electron Beams

H Dowlatabadi, A A Mowlavi, M Ghorbani, S Mohammadi, F Akbari
2018 Journal of Biomedical Physics and Engineering  
Radiation therapy using electron beams is a promising method due to its physical dose distribution. Monte Carlo (MC) code is the best and most accurate technique for forespeaking the distribution of dose in radiation treatment of patients.Materials and Methods: We report an MC simulation of a linac head and depth dose on central axis, along with profile calculations. The purpose of the present research is to carefully analyze the application of MC methods for the calculation of dosimetric
more » ... ters for electron beams with energies of 8–14 MeV at a Siemens Primus linac. The principal components of the linac head were simulated using MCNPX code for different applicators. Results: The consequences of measurements and simulations revealed a good agreement. Gamma index values were below 1 for most points, for all energy values and all applicators in percent depth dose and dose profile computations. A number of states exhibited rather large gamma indices; these points were located at the tail of the percent depth dose graph; these points were less used in in radiotherapy. In the dose profile graph, gamma indices of most parts were below 1. The discrepancies between the simulation results and measurements in terms of Zmax, R90, R80 and R50 were insignificant. The results of Monte Carlo simulations showed a good agreement with the measurements. Conclusion: The software can be used for simulating electron modes of a Siemens Primus linac when direct experimental measurements are not feasible.
doi:10.31661/jbpe.v8i2.806 fatcat:faajqoi2qbetjh272hvsia62vu