Reproductive performance of Coopworth ewes following oral doses of zearalenone before and after mating

J. F. Smith, M. E. di Menna, L. T. McGowan
1990 Reproduction  
The reproductive performance of Coopworth ewes after administration of zearalenone was determined in two trials. In Trial 1, zearalenone was administered to groups of 33 ewes at rates of 0, 1\m=.\5,3\m=.\0,6\m=.\0,12\m=.\0and 24\m=.\0mg/ewe/day for 10 days, starting on Day 7 of the oestrous cycle before mating. There was a linear decline (P < 0\m=.\001) in ovulation rate with dose of zearalenone; also cycle length decreased and duration of oestrus increased with increasing dose levels.
more » ... s in the incidence of ovulation and in fertilization were seen only at doses of 12 and 24 mg. In Trial 2, groups of 50 ewes were given the same range of doses of zearalenone for 10 days, starting 5 days after mating to entire rams. There was no effect of zearalenone treatment after mating on pregnancy rate or embryonic loss. These results indicate that the effects of zearalenone, administered orally, on ewe reproduction, at the dose levels examined, were restricted to ewes exposed before mating. Intakes of zearalenone of 3 mg/ewe/day or more during this period would be reflected as depressed ovulation rates and lower lambing percentages.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0890099 pmid:2142735 fatcat:uzz4bawx3nh5ffkzp6ojk3ixpq