Economic Prospective of Small/Medium Nuclear reactors for Hybrid Seawater Desalination Systems

Ghada A. Al Bazedi, Mohamed H Sorour, Shadia R. Tewfik, Abdelghani M. G. Abulnour, Heba A. Hani
2017 Journal of Engineering Science and Technology Review  
Technical and economic analysis of the most recent reported world experience of small/medium nuclear reactors (SMRs)are essential to decision making regarding dual purpose power/water generation in developing countries. In this work, firstly, analysis of reported economic aspects concerning SMRs has been highlighted. A desalination system of 150,000 m3 water production capacity to cope with the need of small community (about 375,000 persons) has been then proposed. Techno-economic study has
more » ... nomic study has been performed among small/medium reactors (SMR) to identify the appropriate power source for the integrated power desalination complex. IRIS nuclear reactor shows the lowest power cost of $0.029/KWh in the choice matrix of different SMRs with thermal output less than 1000 MWth. The selected reactor "IRIS" gives the ability to combine the desalination plant with a thermal desalination plant (MSF) type in a hybrid configuration scheme involving MSF/RO with varying ratios. Sensitivity analysis of hybrid desalination process shows that, at MSF/RO ratio 11% the unit water cost is $0.77/m3, the lowest water cost has been approached for RO system (0.73 $/m3) in an inverse relationship with permeate TDS. Empirical cost correlations have been developed for the corresponding permeates concentration.
doi:10.25103/jestr.104.12 fatcat:zewfd4f33fdsbidg5owbr2kk2a