Preservation of Synchronization Using a Tracy‐Singh Product in the Transformation on Their Linear Matrix [chapter]

Guillermo Fernadez-Anaya, Luis Alberto Quezada-Téllez, Jorge Antonio López-Rentería, Oscar A. Rosas-Jaimes, Rodrigo Muñoz-Vega, Guillermo Manuel Mallen-Fullerton, José Job Flores-Godoy
2017 Dynamical Systems - Analytical and Computational Techniques  
Preservation is related to local asymptotic stability in nonlinear systems by using dynamical systems tools. It is known that a system, which is stable, asymptotically stable, or unstable at origin, through a transformation can remain stable, asymptotically stable, or unstable. Some systems permit partition of its nonlinear equation in a linear and nonlinear part. Some authors have stated that such systems preserve their local asymptotic stability through the transformations on their linear
more » ... on their linear part. The preservation of synchronization is a typical application of these types of tools and it is considered an interesting topic by scientific community. This chapter is devoted to extend the methodology of the dynamical systems through a partition in the linear part and the nonlinear part, transforming the linear part using the Tracy-Singh product in the Jacobian matrix. This methodology preserves the structure of signs through the real part of eigenvalues of the Jacobian matrix of the dynamical systems in their equilibrium points. The principal part of this methodology is that it permits to extend the fundamental theorems of the dynamical systems, given a linear transformation. The results allow us to infer the hyperbolicity, the stability and the synchronization of transformed systems of higher dimension.
doi:10.5772/66957 fatcat:gv5cmazudbaifaeosrqjzxojga