Relative Effectiveness of Selected Stilbene Optical Brighteners as Enhancers of the Beet Armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus

Martin Shapiro, Robert Argauer
2001 Journal of Economic Entomology  
The addition of a stilbene optical brightener, Tinopal LPW, at 1% concentration (wt:wt) signiÞcantly reduced the LC 50 of the beet armyworm nuclear polyhedrosis virus (SeMNPV) from 2.9 PIB/mm 2 to 0.02 PIB/mm 2 . Moreover, the LT 50 of SeMNPV was reduced by 34% by the addition of Tinopal LPW. Seven other structurally related stilbene brighteners were also tested as viral enhancers. Five of these brighteners (Tinopal LPW, Blankophor BBH, Blankophor HRS, Blankophor P167, and Blankophor RKH)
more » ... ankophor RKH) reduced LD 50 s, whereas three brighteners (Blankophor BSU, Blankophor DML, and Blankophor LPG) had little effect. Among the active brighteners, LC 50 s were reduced by 10.5-fold (Blankophor P167), 52.4-fold (Blankophor RKH), 87.3-fold Tinopal LPW), 131-fold (Blankophor BBH), and Ͼ400-fold (Blankophor HRS). LT 50 s were also decreased by the addition of Blankophor BBH, Blankophor P167, and Blankophor RKH, but were increased by the addition of Blankophor BSU, Blankophor DMLO, and Blankophor LPG to SeMNPV suspensions.
doi:10.1603/0022-0493-94.2.339 pmid:11332823 fatcat:o5r47awpejgbhpyxfzxbvewjmq