J.K. Choi, S.H. Chung, J.S. Lee, G.S. Lim, H.T. Kim
Human has more complicate and skilled ability and so he may cheat not only myself but also other. It is not easy to cheat unconscious things like sweat, eyes, or voice ,but if someone cheat own self, he can cheat every of that. Lie is one of the way to spread our gene and our instinct make a lie. Every living organism even bacteria or virus use similar trick to survive. In human body, there are more complicate and profound mechanism for lying like breathe, sweat, eyes, face or voice. We can
more » ... rol some of that and make a fake, but it can't be perfect. Human also called 'Homo Fallax' cause we have a language and skill to lie with it. In present, we can detect lie with the traditional polygraph, but it has a few of weakness. Polygraphs are being used as the lie detectors in the United States, Canada, Russia and South Korea. and many other countries. However, since the conditions for using polygraphs and technique requiring skills are required, it is difficult to apply in a wide range and has not been distributed largely. In this paper, we describe the results of researching the possibility of judging the probability of lie level using only video and voice recording, which is one of the non-contact method using Vibraimage technology for resolve it. Hereafter, we will call it as "Video Polygraph" comparing to the traditional contact method in lie detection system. Especially, this paper is to focus on analyzing the lie probability for the hierarchical statement analysis based on Vibraimage technology.
doi:10.25696/elsys.vc1.en.5 fatcat:wvogu5yqd5grdcrjllpy7hyoxi