Summary Report of Working Group 1: Laser-Plasma Acceleration

C. G. R. Geddes, C. Clayton, W. Lu, A. G. R. Thomas, Steven H. Gold, Gregory S. Nusinovich
Advances in and physics of the acceleration of particles using underdense plasma structures driven by lasers were the topics of presentations and discussions in Working Group 1 of the 2010 Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop. Such accelerators have demonstrated gradients several orders beyond conventional machines, with quasi-monoenergetic beams at MeV-GeV energies, making them attractive candidates for next generation accelerators. Workshop discussions included advances in control over
more » ... tion and laser propagation to further improve beam quality and stability, detailed diagnostics and physics models of the acceleration process, radiation generation as a source and diagnostic, and technological tools and upcoming facilities to extend the reach of laser-plasma accelerators.
doi:10.1063/1.3520427 fatcat:uhzcahbodjcf5k5nvmfwvnkbdi