Distal biceps tendon tear. A case report
Ruptura distal del tendón del bíceps. Reporte de un caso

Luis Manuel Alanis Blancas, Paola Maritza Zamora Muñoz, Angel Cruz Miranda
Acta ortopédica mexicana  
Distal tears of the biceps tendon are rare lesions and account for 3-5% of all biceps lesions. Surgical treatment produces better outcomes than conservative treatment from the perspective of forearm flexion and supination. Different implants and approaches are currently available to improve the course of patients and reduce the postoperative complications. The case of a patient who underwent surgical treatment with anatomical reattachment with anchors is presented herein as well as his two-year
more » ... ell as his two-year follow-up. This is considered as an excellent outcome given that the patient remained asymptomatic and returned to his previous athletic activity without complications.
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