Application and Analysis of Education and Teaching Mode Based on 5G and Smart Technology

Ran Yan, Le Sun
2022 Scientific Programming  
The development of information technology has brought tremendous changes to our country's education. Based on the 5G + Internet, the article proposes a brand-new intelligent education model and proposes an ST analysis method, which mainly studies the teacher and students in the classroom. Class performance, based on Yebes network, proposed a learning decision method and application. The research results of the article show the following: (1) The article compares the monthly test scores of three
more » ... variables under two different teaching modes. The results show that the performance of the online teaching mode is generally better than that of the traditional teaching mode, and the performance of the experimental class has increased more, with an average growth score of 4.83, indicating that there are significant differences in students' learning and cognitive abilities under different teaching models. (2) The article compares the students' knowledge mastery under two different teaching modes. The results show that under the traditional teaching mode, the students' knowledge mastery is low, and the complete mastery rate is only 15%. In the network multimedia teaching mode, the students' knowledge mastery rate has been greatly improved, the complete mastery rate is as high as 45%, and the students' mastery of knowledge has been extremely improved, indicating that the network multimedia teaching mode can stimulate students' learning interest more, improve learning efficiency. (3) Studying the differences in the source of curriculum resources of three different types of teachers, and the results show that the proportion of curriculum resources downloaded through the Internet is the largest; in the investigation of the impact of multimedia teaching on the classroom, the cooperation rate of students when multimedia teaching is not used, classroom practice accuracy and classroom completion rate are low, but after using multimedia teaching, students' cooperation rate and classroom practice accuracy rate have been greatly improved, among which the accuracy rate of the experimental class is as high as 62.4%, and the students' thinking ability is also good. Great improvement.
doi:10.1155/2022/7861157 fatcat:crtjvhjdhje3zp46bksqe3ymha