Adaptive magnetic suspension anti-rolling device based on frequency modulation

Sumei Gao, Longxiang Xu, Chaowu Jin, Qianwei Chen
2020 Open Physics  
AbstractJoint stabilizers and new technology stabilizers are hotspots of ship stabilizing technology research at the present stage. This study proposes a magnetic suspension stabilizing method; expounds the working principle of magnetic suspension stabilization, respectively; establishes the mathematical model of the magnetic suspension stator and the stabilization mass block and the mathematical model of magnetic stabilizer and ship; and stimulates the displacement, velocity, and acceleration.
more » ... , and acceleration. On the basis of the simulation, a set of magnetic suspension stabilizers have been designed; the stability of suspension has been tested; and, respectively, the acceleration value of stator and stabilization mass block has been measured by loading 0–500 Hz sine voltage excitation signal on electromagnetic coil; thus, the feasibility of the magnetic suspension stabilizer has been verified.
doi:10.1515/phys-2020-0125 fatcat:xld2ypadc5alxcwleztnbebvdu