The influence of anthropometric parameters and of muscle-joint mobility on the speed of execution in the handball game

Baştiurea Eugen, Baştiurea Eugen, Stan Zenovia, Crełu Nicoleta
2011 Journal of Physical Education and Sport ®   unpublished
The present study aims at improving the evaluation and rating of students in physical education on the basis of findings regarding the influence of anthropometric parameters and of the musculo-articular mobility on the speed of execution of specific technical elements of the handball game. In handball, physical training means to develop the body's ability to support driving activities at a higher level. Lack of mobility can generate a lot of problems, such as: increasing the period of learning
more » ... nd reinforcing driving activities, favoring the occurrence of accidents, limiting the development of other driving skills, losing the efficiency in the execution of driving actions and decreasing the quality of execution (movements are slowly executed). In terms of speed of execution, it should be noted that it has a significant share in the practice efficiency of handball game. A particular importance in forming this driving quality is age, since it is known that speed is trainable mostly in the period of 7-15 years. The scientific approach shows that there is a significant influence of anthropometric parameters on the speed of execution, mainly at students of 13-15 years old (values of chest size and elasticity). At age 14, chest elasticity affects the speed of execution, in all technical elements evaluated. The conclusions are that there is a decrease in mobility with age, and that only specific driving actions of the goalkeeper receives its' input. The key concept has to be individualization of teaching, especially the individualization of evaluation, taking into account the values of anthropometric and musculo-articular mobility assigned to each subject. It is recommended the development of musculo-articular mobility (especially at higher ages), and the increase of thoracic elasticity at young ages. Based on the fact that school physical education is one of the determining factors in preparing students for integration in society, research and dissemination of all necessary theoretical and practical knowledge essential for improving the teaching process are needed.