A Formal Semantics of the OSEK/VDX Standard in $${\mathbb {K}}$$ Framework and Its Applications [chapter]

Min Zhang, Yunja Choi, Kazuhiro Ogata
2014 Lecture Notes in Computer Science  
The OSEK/VDX is an international standard of automobile operating systems. Such systems are safety-critical and require extensive safety analysis and verification. Formal methods have been shown useful and effective to verify the safety of both the OSEK/VDX-based operating systems and applications. Using formal methods requires formal semantics of the OSEK/VDX standard. In this paper, we present a formal semantics of the standard using K, a rewrite-based formal semantics framework. With the
more » ... al semantics, we can (1) verify user-defined applications by model checking, and (2) automatically generate test cases for testing of the OSEK/VDX-based operating systems. Features of the formal semantics are its executability and flexibility. Compared with existing formal semantics of the standard, the formal semantics defined in K is more flexible and generic. This work also shows that K is not only used for formalizing the semantics of programming languages, but also for automobile operating systems.
doi:10.1007/978-3-319-12904-4_16 fatcat:i3wnknjxdza2dm5nb5vgkimapm