OP7 - The Design of Calibration Equipment for Dynamic Loading of Optoelectronic Six-Component Force-Torque Sensor

Milan Kvasnica, AMA Association For Sensor Technology E.V., Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15, 14059 Berlin, Germany
The paper deals with current state of the art in technology in the field of the sixcomponent sensory system for the measurement of axial shiftings and angular displacements with application for the force-torque measurement, haptic interaction and their principles of activity. The paper is focused on the design of universal calibration equipment for the sixcomponent force-torque sensors allowing the measurements of their parameters while the multi-component dynamic loading. This paper is focused
more » ... on the design of the calibration equipment for the six-component force-torque sensors. There are introduced for the comparison two different types of calibration equipments. The first, known variant is destined for the calibration at static loading. The second, new variant, using the one-axis resistance strain gauges is destined for the measurements of the force-torque sensors and their components at both static and dynamic loading. The dynamic loading force is acting by the use of the pressing rods moved from the mechatronics, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators against the basic points of the squirrel cage of the calibration equipment in order to enable the measurement not only the static, but as well the dynamic characteristics of six-component sensor for more components simultaneously.
doi:10.5162/opto09/op7 fatcat:bvsbz4khhjclnh432mu3emhzdi