Responsibility of Pioneers, or "Multi-Planet-Humankind"—Some Reflections about the Colonization of Mars and about Asteroid-Mining

Trembeczki István
2019 Open Journal of Philosophy  
In the past few years we hav been able to witness the Renaissance of space-research. It is especially the investment and participation of the private stock that has provided a new and wider scope for research and innovation. The objectives are high-flying and ambitious: the creation of long-living human colonies on Mars and mining of the small planets and the asteroids would be the most important intentions. In our essay we would like to show a couple of dilemmas of these two main goals. First,
more » ... we draw a parallel between asteroid-mining and the historical geographical exploration and colonization after this. Futhermore, we clarify the problems of durable colonization from the environmental and ontological perspective. The purpose of this critical essay is to enable us to avoid the non-desired consequences of the missions before starting, which can mean a possible turning point of human history.
doi:10.4236/ojpp.2019.91004 fatcat:4fojze3ksjd6pf32ykc5wnzstu