Effect of Ultrasound on Bioactive Components of Fruit Juices

Burcu Dündar, Erdal Ağçam, Asiye Akyıldız
2020 Turkish Journal of Agriculture: Food Science and Technology  
The demand of consumers to minimally processed, fresh-like foods can be meet with the non-thermal technologies, because of the undesirable effects of conventional thermal process on the quality parameters of fruit juices. Decrease in nutritional value, loss of colour pigments and vitamins, formation of some flavour defects can be reduced with ultrasound applications. Especially the advantage of ultrasound which is protecting or improving the bioactive component content have increased interest
more » ... ncreased interest in ultrasound in recent years. In this study, the effects of ultrasound applications on bioactive components of fruit juices were reviewed and evaluated separately as the effect on ascorbic acid, anthocyanin, flavonoids and carotenoid contents. The increasing, decreasing or insignificant effects of ultrasound on bioactive content of juices which were observed in researches might be resulted from the differences between juice matrixes as well as ultrasonication parameters. Because of this, investigating ultrasound technology in different juices and optimizing the ultrasonication parameters for each fruit juice are important.
doi:10.24925/turjaf.v8i2.288-300.2941 doaj:ada04d4db7214c588b9b750ca9fc94d2 fatcat:cdmuixv56jby7fnc7b72ohdwlu