Turbulence Calculations of a Dual-Structure Oxygen Lance for Converter Based on Hydrodynamics

Hongbin Jia, Yanxin Li, Peng Han, Kun Liu, Haolei Han, Lianghua Feng, Adnan Maqsood
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
The oxygen lance is a piece of special equipment in the converter steelmaking process for blowing oxygen into the molten steel. After more than 80 years of development, the structure and function of the oxygen lance have undergone many changes. In this paper, based on the theory of hydrodynamics, the jet behavior characteristics of a dual-structure oxygen lance for the converter are determined and optimized by CFD simulations and compared with those of the traditional-structure oxygen lance.
more » ... research results show that multiple jets deflect to the central axis of the oxygen lance during movement and the inclination angle of the nozzle holes influences the jet deflection. A decrease in the nozzle hole angle results in an increase in the mutual suction between the streams. With the increasing flow rate through the large holes in the new dual-structure oxygen lance, the dynamic radial pressure increases at the middle of the jet. The jet flow characteristics of the new dual-structure oxygen lance are better than those of the traditional oxygen lance. Its impact on the molten pool includes greater momentum, a larger impact area, and a more uniform and powerful stirring of the molten pool. A nozzle angle of 14° combined with a flow rate ratio of 65% and a nozzle angle of 17° combined with a flow rate ratio of 35% are the optimal parameters for the new dual-structure oxygen lance.
doi:10.1155/2021/5785889 fatcat:qtnlujiprrcc5dqmrrkumycmee