Familiar Lessons in Mineralogy and Geology, Designed for the Use of Young Persons and Lyceums, in Two Volumes

Jane Kilby Welsh
1832 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
In addition to the works thus far noticed in the present number of this Journal, we have received for examination a handsome duodecimo bearing the above title. This volume contains lessons in Mineralogy and Conchology, written in a familiar style, suited for family uê*é, and illustrated by about 80 engravings. The fair author of this manual has gathered information from sources the most authentic, and given it a form that cannot fail to be inviting to the mind of the young. Already well known,
more » ... lready well known, and having don«>a share of service to the rising generation by her illustrations of vegetable nature, she will fix still more firmly the foundation of her fame by these more profound investigations. The science of Botany is rendered familiar and attractive, more easily than that of Mineralogy ; the phenomena of life afford, in the former, almost exhaustless sources of variety and beauty, by which the interest of the reader may be kept alive. In the present volume, Miss W. has exhibited a happy tact in accomplishing the same object, in a branch of science in which she had not their aid. We hope she may attempt, at some future period, the easier task of a similar work, in which sensation as well as life will furnish material for her descriptions. The Cholera Asphyxia of New York. 160. New York. 160. New York. This excellent volume consists of Dr. Paine's letters on the cholera recently published in this Journal, with several others of equal interest and value. We regret that the late reception of this work, and the want of room, must prevent our doing anything more than recommend it to the reader. Tue favors of Drs. North and Allen were duly received. Whole number of deaths in Boston for the week ending Oct.
doi:10.1056/nejm183210310071204 fatcat:ejhrbzm56jaj5dhjbnvcn64si4