Crude glycerin in corn grain-based diets for dairy calves

Raylon Pereira Maciel, João Restle, Regis Luis Missio, Ubirajara Oliveira Bilego, Maryanne Silva Cunha, Luciano Fernandes Sousa, Vera Lúcia Araújo, José Neuman Miranda Neiva
2020 Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia  
The objective of this study was to evaluate performance, apparent digestibility, blood parameters, and quantitative characteristics of carcass and internal organs of crossbred dairy calves fed different levels of crude glycerin in corn grainbased diets. Twenty-four calves of three months of age and average initial weight of 95.5±11.8 kg were used. The experimental design was completely randomized with four treatments (0, 80, 160, and 240 g kg −1 of crude glycerin of DM of diets). The calves
more » ... ts). The calves were fed in feedlot until six months of age (195.68±2.38 kg of BW). Dry matter (4.14, 4.11, 3.80, and 3.49 kg day −1 ) and apparent digestible energy intake (0.43, 0.41, 0.37, and 0.35 MJ kg −1 BW) decreased with increasing levels of glycerin in the diets. There was no effect on the apparent digestibility of nutrients, average daily gain, feed efficiency, carcass characteristics, and blood parameters. The diets did not influence the weights [g kg −1 of empty body weight (EBW)] of lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, omasum, abomasum, and large intestine. The reticulorumen weight (g kg −1 EBW) increased, whereas the small intestine weight decreased with increased levels of glycerin in the diets. The area, height, and width of the rumen papillae were not changed with increasing levels of glycerin. The rumen wall thickness increased with increasing levels of glycerin in the diets. The inclusion up to 240 g kg −1 DM of crude glycerin of in corn grain-based diets for the production of dairy calves does not alter animal performance, carcass characteristics, and weights of internal organs. How to cite: Maciel, R. P.; Restle, J.; Missio, R. L.; Bilego, U. O.; Cunha, M. S.; Sousa, L. F.; Araújo, V. L. and Neiva, J. N. M. 2020. Crude glycerin in corn grain-based diets for dairy calves. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 49:e20180166.
doi:10.37496/rbz4920180166 fatcat:vbqjfg77qbcwneraxar56j3wmm