Free-standing 2D metals from binary metal alloys

Janne Nevalaita, Pekka Koskinen
2020 AIP Advances  
Recent experiment demonstrated the formation of free-standing Au monolayers by exposing Au-Ag alloy to electron beam irradiation. Inspired by this discovery, we used semi-empirical effective medium theory simulations to investigate monolayer formation in 30 different binary metal alloys composed of late d-series metals Ni, Cu, Pd, Ag, Pt, and Au. In qualitative agreement with the experiment, we find that the beam energy required to dealloy Ag atoms from Au-Ag alloy is smaller than the energy
more » ... uired to break the dealloyed Au monolayer. Our simulations suggest that similar method could also be used to form Au monolayers from Au-Cu alloy and Pt monolayers from Pt-Cu, Pt-Ni, and Pt-Pd alloys.
doi:10.1063/5.0010884 fatcat:cdjb37n2yvh7va2k6h6qocwbxy