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Texas Testifies Nixon and Kenedy Only Miles Apart N ix o n and K en ed y , a c c o r d in g to th e la te s t rep o rts, a re both in South T e x a s -ju st 35 m ile s a p a r t. N ixon is in G o n za les C o u n ty ,1 K en ed y in K a r n e s. T he fo rm er h a s a p o p u la tio n o f 1,835, and th e la tte r 2,891. B oth a re on th e ro a d s to C orpus C h risti. A lso to c o n s id e r th is elec tio n y e a r a r e S te v e n so n (H u d sp eth C o u n ty ), H u m p h rey (H unt C ou n t
more » ... ) , an d -a t th e risk of b ein g s lig h tly o b v io u s -Joh n son ( s) C ity (B la n c o C o u n ty ). H ow to y o u su p p o se th ey w ill v o te ? CONVENTION HALL, Chicago UP) -The Republi can National Convention Thursday night placed Henry Cabot Lodge by the side of presidential nominee Richard M. Nixon to challenge the Democrats in the crucial 1960 election. It was a swift, foreordained ac tion-on the first ballot. And the convention rolled on tow ard the acceptance speeches -Nixon for the presidency, Ixxlge for the vice presidency -and then final ad journm ent. The COP thus set up an E ast-West ticket: the 47-year-old Cali fornian who has served a 7!2-year apprenticeship) in the vice presi dency, and the 58-year-old M assa chusetts blueblood, who has put in the sam e tour of duty in the United Nations as US am b assa dor. Lodge had been offered to roar ing convention delegates as a m an who has been "tested a n d proved in the fires of today's wo™-It w as Rep. Walter H. Judd ol (See LODGE, Pa*® ») Nixon Promises Hot Campaign CONVENTION HALL, Chicago UP) -Richard M. Nixon accepted the Republi can presidential nomination Thursday night with a prom ise to cheering GOP hosts that he will wage "a cam paign such as this country has never seen before." I The 47-year-old nom inee de-That will be the lineup against d a re d the cam paign " begins h ere the D em ocratic a rra y of Sens. an(! now tonight," and wall contin-John F. Kennedy of M assachu-ue until election day and will tak e r n -P hoto by Venne A Chariot, the Tower, a Football Ju dah Ben-H ur glances over University President Logan W ilso n and Darrell Royal, head football coach, as they await the premiere perform ance of the honored motion picture, beginnin g its run at the Varsity. C harlton H eston was the winner of the best actor award
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