Mario Vargas Llosa. The Dream of the Celt. trans. Edith Grossman (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012. $27.00)
마리오 바르가스 로사 지음. 『켈트족의 꿈』. 번역. 에디스 그로스먼 (뉴욕: 파 라라, 스토로스와 지루, 2012년. $27)

John Cussen
2012 The Yeats Journal of Korea  
A book review. In 1936, when William Butler Yeats rose up in what he felt was condign dudgeon to inscribe the pair of his poems that bear Roger Casement's name in their titles, he was compelled to do so by his reading of an argument against the authenticity of the notorious "Black Diaries" attributed to Casement, an internationally renowned indigenous peoples' advocate and Irish patriot executed for treason by the British some two decades before. The diaries, descriptive of the ex-British
more » ... he ex-British Foreign Officer's (by birth an Irishman) alleged homosexual behaviors with young men and boys in Africa and South America during the two decades of his official sojourns on those continents, were scapegrace forgeries, said the argument, the handiwork of a wanton British propaganda machine employed to its maximum capacity in 1916 in turning public sentiment against Casement, in making easy his condemnation, in rendering palatable in the international eye his hanging, and in making impossible forever after his memory's lionizing in a querulously, puritanically Catholic Ireland. Also, Yeats wrote his poems as a contribution to the cause of Casement's remains' repatriation to Ireland in the twentieth anniversary year of their withholding by the British, of their ignominious scatological probing−confirmatory, said the probers, of Casement's homosexuality−and of their unmarked disposal in a cemetery set aside for the British penal system's deceased felons. Lastly, Yeats wrote because now, as the second of his Casement poems says, the sea that separated Ireland from England was no longer "the old sea," no longer the exclusive, dominated "friend" of "John Bull." 1) The Irish, in other words, were no longer a subject people. Ireland
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