Dynamic Logics of Dynamical Systems [article]

André Platzer
2012 arXiv   pre-print
We survey dynamic logics for specifying and verifying properties of dynamical systems, including hybrid systems, distributed hybrid systems, and stochastic hybrid systems. A dynamic logic is a first-order modal logic with a pair of parametrized modal operators for each dynamical system to express necessary or possible properties of their transition behavior. Due to their full basis of first-order modal logic operators, dynamic logics can express a rich variety of system properties, including
more » ... ety, controllability, reactivity, liveness, and quantified parametrized properties, even about relations between multiple dynamical systems. In this survey, we focus on some of the representatives of the family of differential dynamic logics, which share the ability to express properties of dynamical systems having continuous dynamics described by various forms of differential equations. We explain the dynamical system models, dynamic logics of dynamical systems, their semantics, their axiomatizations, and proof calculi for proving logical formulas about these dynamical systems. We study differential invariants, i.e., induction principles for differential equations. We survey theoretical results, including soundness and completeness and deductive power. Differential dynamic logics have been implemented in automatic and interactive theorem provers and have been used successfully to verify safety-critical applications in automotive, aviation, railway, robotics, and analogue electrical circuits.
arXiv:1205.4788v1 fatcat:2ahunsfdzfamdiwzd66m5e4wzq