Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Based Route Planning: Review

Miss Priyanka, J Deshmukh, Dr, P Pawade
2018 International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science   unpublished
Network analysis is a crucial thing of sorting route problem, shortest path and provide optimal route to daily transport vehicles. With help of proper route planning by network analysis gives quickest way and can sort out problem of longest facility of hospital, petrol center, police station, etc. Closest facility is the also main factor while performing a network analysis for congested routes. Network analysis can solve single route transportation and it is also capable of solving the
more » ... olving the multimodal route transportation. The single route transport means by roads and multimodal route transport means by railroads, roads and waterways. Solving route analysis can mean finding nearest shortest and even the most scenic route, depending on the impedance. If the impedance is the time then best route is the quickest route. The best route can be defined as the route that has the lowest impedance or least cost. Remote sensing and global information system (GIS) is the most useful technologies to take out data regarding to network analysis and transportation network datasets. Remote sensing and GIS is related to the satellites information to be collected. Optimization of quickest and optimal route based on satellites data collected through computer and mobile based app to simplify the critical and longest network facility. ArcGIS is a software used worldwide to manage the route network facilities within the city or country. In developing and designing the smart city project ArcGIS is mostly used for optimization of route planning process and location-routing problem (LRP). With the help of remote sensing and GIS technology we should look for reduction in travel time and consumption of fuel. Location based service help me out to collect data regards to bus user. After gathered all these bus stops data, it would be easy to find out correct location of bus stops. Network analysis can be done to get shortest and optimal route for bus which will reduce travelling time and cost of transportation.