The BPS limit of rotating AdS black hole thermodynamics

Davide Cassani, Lorenzo Papini
2019 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We consider rotating, electrically charged, supersymmetric AdS black holes in four, five, six and seven dimensions, and provide a derivation of the respective extremization principles stating that the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy is the Legendre transform of a homogeneous function of chemical potentials, subject to a complex constraint. Extending a recently proposed BPS limit, we start from finite temperature and reach extremality following a supersymmetric trajectory in the space of complexified
more » ... ace of complexified solutions. We show that the entropy function is the supergravity on-shell action in this limit. Chemical potentials satisfying the extremization equations also emerge from the complexified solution.
doi:10.1007/jhep09(2019)079 fatcat:iv3lutfq6vehxfkwv2da5uvdji