Phase-field Modeling of Precipitate Behavior in RPV Steel Using CALPHAD Database

Kunok Chang, Junhyun Kwon, Gyeong-Geun Lee
2018 Korean Journal of Metals and Materials  
We developed a multi-scale modeling framework using the thermodynamic UW1 database of the Fe-Mn-Ni-Si quaternary system. To obtain input data for the phase-field model, such as mobility and interfacial energy data, we used DICTRA software and the TC-PRISMA package with the commercial TCFE8 and MOBFE3 databases. Using the developed framework, we evaluated the stability of single precipitates and compared the results to those from the thermodynamic model. We also investigated the precipitate
more » ... he precipitate interactions of paired particles of identical and different phases.
doi:10.3365/kjmm.2018.56.6.472 fatcat:i47mcmdiljaoxcxsddgd644zwq