Optimization of the Intelligent Asset Management System Based on WSN and RFID Technology

Yunyue Chen, Guanggui Chen, Chih-Cheng Chen
2022 Journal of Sensors  
With the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, especially the promotion of perception layer radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and wireless sensor network (WSN), a new way of thinking is provided for asset management. Applying both to the management technology of assets is an effective way to achieve intelligent asset management. This paper proposes an intelligent network applied to an asset management system based on WSN and RFID technologies. The whole intelligent
more » ... sset management is divided into four layers according to the functional structure. From the top layer downward, the layers are the management and dispatch center, communication network, intelligent gateway, and data collection layer in order. Meanwhile, the functions and hardware composition of each layer are described. The data acquisition butcher is the sensing terminal of the whole intelligent asset management network. Smart nodes are its key devices to collect RFID data and sensing data to realize the intelligent sensing capability of the assets. The paper uses the MSP430 control chip, MFRC522 RF read/write chip, CC2425 wireless communication chip, temperature sensor, data memory, and voltage regulator chip to design the smart nodes in the system and details the working principle of the smart nodes and the networking process of the system. The newly designed intelligent asset management network can be deployed independently in asset management or can be integrated into the technical design of existing asset management systems. The management scheduling also collects and manages the RFID and sensing information of the area through the data collection layer, which improves the intelligent construction of the assets.
doi:10.1155/2022/3436530 fatcat:mz4kqeggebca7gfbpnmh7x6rpu