Introduction of dislocations and slip bands in molybdenum single crystals [report]

S S Lau, T Jr Vreeland
1972 unpublished
The characteristics of selectively introduced slip bands and individual dislocations were investigated. It was found that slip bands produced by indenting the ( 112) surface had three types of Burgers' vectors concentrated at the two edges of the slip band while the middle of the slip band consisted of primarily the± t [ l l l ] Burger's vector. Scratching the specimen with a needle almost parallel to the ( 112) surface in the [ l l l ] direction produced individual screw dislocations near the
more » ... locations near the scratch mark. Similar scratches normal to the [ Ill] direction produced fine slip bands with a +i [llll Burger 's vector.
doi:10.2172/4474554 fatcat:c5ya22es5zad5igesq7jbibxee