Effects of Different Addition Amounts of Superphosphate on Vegetable Waste Compost

YANG Yan, SUN Qin-ping, LI Ni, LIU Ben-sheng, ZOU Guo-yuan, LI Ji-jin, JIANG Li-hua, LIU Yue-xian
2017 Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment  
The effects of different addition amounts of superphosphate on vegetable waste compost were studied. Results showed that, addition of superphosphate improved the temperature during the compost. It had the highest temperature of 64.33℃, when the addition quantity of superphosphate was 10.26% of dry matter weight. At the end of the composting, adding superphosphate had no significant effect on C/N, however, it decreased pH and improved the EC of the compost. The EC values were significantly
more » ... significantly higher than CK, when the addition amount was be tween 4.10%and 10.26%of dry matter weight. When the addition below 10.26%, the GI values were significantly higher than CK(P<0.01), and the highest value was 105.61%, when the addition was 2.05%(S5). Adding superphosphate significantly reduced the nitrogen loss rate of composting(P<0.05), and the lowest was 23.94%,when the addition was 2.05%, meanwhile, the input-output ratio was 3.93, which was the highest value. Under this experimental condition, adding superphosphate promoted the compost maturity significantly, reduced the nitrogen loss rate, and the optimal addition of superphosphate was 2.05%of dry matter weight.
doi:10.13254/j.jare.2016.0218 doaj:0c2d6568b5cc4a2cb8ca6af9096ca701 fatcat:y3j4vzoojfgzplzi2zbuurnr7q