Nusantara Microalgae Park: Solution of Energy Crisis in Outer and Small Islands of Indonesia

Kaisar Akhir, M. Imaad Al Hamas, Dwi Puspitasari
2015 KnE Energy  
<p>Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world that has strategic geographical position. Indonesia has about 13,466 islands that have been named, 5.8 million km2 sea areas and the fourth longest coastline in the world with a total length of 95,181 km. Geographically, Indonesia is located in a strategic position of world cruise lines, between the continent of Asia and Australia and between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Indonesian archipelago has only 28 islands which are not
more » ... which are not classified as small islands. This fact shows that Indonesia has more than 13 thousands small islands and 92 islands which are the outer small islands. Outer and small islands are potentially for economic development and national defense. Therefore, the number of energy needs increases. To fulfill the energy needs in the form of bio-diesel and bio-kerosene, the marine microalgae is the great potential. Nusantara Microalgae Park is a concept of marine microalgae cultivation area based on coastal societies in outer and small islands. Bio-diesel and bio-kerosene produced from this concept will be very helpful for people in fishing and cooking environmentally friendly. This concept can be integrated with Island Adoption Program, Cooperative Program and Transmigration Program. To implement this concept so that sustainable, there are four principles (pro-poor, pro-job, pro-growth and pro-environment) and five pillars (economy, people, technology, academics and institutions coordination).</p><p><strong>Keywords:</strong> marine microalgae, small islands, coastal community, biofuel, Indonesia, sustainable <br /><br /></p>
doi:10.18502/ken.v1i1.326 fatcat:i7sz7b2buvcxhaqbkltwhhhmwq