Transferability of SSR markers from related Uredinales species to the coffee rust Hemileia vastatrix

M Cristancho, C Escobar
2008 Genetics and Molecular Research  
The aim of the present research was to test the transferability of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers developed in two Uredinales species to Hemileia vastatrix, coffee rust. The development of efficient techniques for the identification of H. vastatrix isolates is imperative, given the continuous development of new races. The transferability of 25 SSR markers developed in the related Uredinales species Puccinia coronata f. sp lolli and Melampsora linii to H. vastatrix was tested. A low level
more » ... f transferability of SSRs was detected, and only 4 potential markers that can be used to fingerprint the coffee rust races were identified.
pmid:19048497 fatcat:yavltqf6zzg5xbgtw4j6mb7ity