Fabrication of High Critical Current Density Superconducting Tapes by Epitaxial Deposition of YBCO Thick Films on Biaxially Textured Metal Substrates [chapter]

A. Goyal, D. P. Norton, M. Paranthaman, J. D. Budai, E. D. Specht, D. K. Christen, D. M. Kroeger, Q. He, B. Saffian, F. A. List, D. F. Lee, C. E. Klabunde (+1 others)
1997 Advances in Superconductivity IX  
High critical current density YB+CU,O,-~ (YBCO) tapes were fabricated by epitaxial dep on roiling-assisted-biaxially-textured-substrates (RABiTS). The RABiTS technique uses well established, industrially scaleable, thermomechanical processes to impart a strong biaxial texture to a base metal. This is followed by vapor deposition of epitaxial buffer layers to yield chemically and structurally compatible surfaces. Epitaxial YBCO films grown on such substrates have critical current densities
more » ... ching lo6 Ncm' at 77K in zero-field and have field dependences similar to epitaxial films on single crystal ceramic substrates. Deposited conductors made using this technique offer a potential route for the fabrication of long lengths of high J, wire capable of carrying high currents in high magnetic fields and at elevated \ temperatures.
doi:10.1007/978-4-431-68473-2_8 fatcat:tpw7nqezcrdx5pjo5gzlgs3b4e