O Yeoh
1981 Med. J. Malaysia   unpublished
The characteristics of 74 patients who attempted suicide in Penang are described. Differences in the incidence and reasons for and methods of attempting were observed among the ethnic groups. There was a higher incidence in females and patients of single status. The majordy of patients did not suffer from severe psychiatric disorders, but did encounter chronic inter-personal and intra-familial conflicts. Conflicts with elders were more frequent among female patients, and this finding suggested
more » ... finding suggested that young females were faced with a greater degree of role conflicts. Rural to urban shift among the Chinese patients was observed to be associated with a high incidence of attempts. Dwellers of high-rise flat complexes were not over-represented. In view of antecedent social factors, professionals and others besides psychiatrists have a role in the prevention and management ofpara-suicidal behaviours.