Software Effort Estimation using Fuzzy Logic Membership Functions

Archana Savalgi, Swati Jain, Andanappa, Swathi Narayan
2016 International Journal of Computer Systems,   unpublished
This paper analyze the impact of effort calculated using various membership functions and measure mean square error for software effort estimation. Eight membership functions available in fuzzy logic are used and a comparison is made to find out which membership function yields better result in terms of Magnitude Relative Error (MRE), Mean Magnitude of Relative Error (MMRE). Inaccurate software cost estimation has plagued software projects for decades. Poor estimates have not only led some
more » ... cts to exceed budget and schedule but also, in many cases, they terminated entirely. Therefore, an accurate software effort and cost estimation is highly required in software project management. The result will show the best suited membership function for calculating effort.