Effects of Fortification Stirred Yoghurt with Red Beet Powder (RBP) on Hypercholesterolemia Rats

Hanan S. Shalaby, Amira S. H. Hassenin
2020 European Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences  
The effects of stirred yoghurt fortified with red beet powder (RBP) on hypercholesterolemia rats were investigated during this study. Flavored yoghurts were evaluated for fibers and total phenolic compounds, identification of phenolic compounds of reed beet (RBP) powder. The chemical composition, physicochemical and rheological properties, color measurements and sensory evaluation of resultant yoghurt were evaluated. Thirty male rats were separated into 5 groups, group one negative control, as
more » ... he other groups were organized hypercholesterolemia groups for two weeks after that, divided to 4 subgroups chase the 1st subgroup present while, positive control, the 2nd subgroup was fed on stirred yoghurt ,the 3rd and the 4th subgroups were given stirred yoghurt containing red beet powder at levels (1% and 2%) respectively. The results revealed that beet root powder had 7.5% fiber and high amount of total phenolic 12.18 mg/g. The level of phenolic compound in RBP there was a large difference with the identified components. The TS content of stirred yoghurt fortified with red beet powder (RBP) was increased by increasing the percentage added and increase the protein content. While the fat content decreasing. Generally, the higher per cent resulted in increasing viscosity value of yoghurt. Stirred yoghurt containing RBP had significant deferent of colour measurements and improved yoghurt properties for overall acceptability. Also, stirred yoghurt containing of RBP had significant different decreasing in organ weights (heart, liver and kidney) of the experimental rats. This study in all rats' groups fed on stirred yoghurt containing of RBP decreasing of blood lipid profile (T.G, T.C and LDL-c values) and significantly increased the HDL cholesterol. On the other hand, results illustrated of positive group significant increase in liver enzymes (ALT, AST) and (uric acid and creatinine) kidney functions compared with yoghurt containing of RBP which decreased. The histopathological examination of heart, liver and kidney demonstrated more or less normalized in the rat's groups fed on stirred yoghurt containing RBP compared to the positive group. Thus, the study descriptions that stirred yoghurt containing RBP have rich phenolic compounds and protect against hypercholesterolemia diseases.
doi:10.24018/ejfood.2020.2.5.61 fatcat:ldeoy6x3tbfe3demukupofj72y