Bibliographical Notices A Hand-book of Uterine Therapeutics, and of Diseases of Women . By Edward John Tilt, M.D., Member of the Royal College of Physicians, &c. Second American edition, thoroughly revised and amended. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1869. 8vo. pp. 345

1869 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
& Co. 1869. 8vo. Pp. 565. Years ago-how many we do not care to reckon up, but long enough ago to change some of us from youngsters into middleaged men-Dr. E. II. Clarke read a certain paper before the Boston Society for Medical Observation on Diseases of the Ear. In that paper Dr. Clarke took the ground that much of the diagnosis and treatment of affections of theear might be mastered by the general practitioner. Thiukingthat what was true then might possibly be true now, we did not send Dr.
more » ... did not send Dr. von Troltsch's book to an aurist to test by the illumination of his special knowledge, but scanned it for what information we might obtain from it ourselves. We have been rewarded for our pains, and think we have a good manual for our guidance. If serviceable to us, we think the work must be more so to the physician who does not reside in a city where he can send patients to a skilled aurist in the next street. The descriptions and directions are clear, concise and practical. The translator tells usthat although this volume is nominally a revised edition of the former one, it is in fact a new work ; and that the original has been greatly improved by a thorough revision, while in many parts it has been entirely re-written. It has an index, excellent paper, and fair type.-Ed.
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