Construction of Yeast One-hybrid Bait Reporter Vector for Screening the Binding Proteins of CassavaMeCWINV1Promoter

Jiao Liu, Yuqiang Guo, Ruijun Duan, Shuo Wang, Shaoping Fu, Guanghong Kong, Ruimei Li, Yuan Yao, Jianchun Guo, J.Q. Cheng, H.L. Moffitt, I. Kim (+2 others)
2017 BIO Web of Conferences  
Cellwall invertase (CWIN) hydrolyzes sucrose into glucose and fructose irreversibly, playing key roles in carbohydrate partitioning and plant defence. MeCWINV1 is one of the CWINs in cassava, which contains several light-responsive elements and stress-responsive elements in promoter region. To analyze the regulatory function of MeCWINV1 in the cassava starch accumulation and stress defense response, a 865 bp MeCWINV1 promoter fragment was cloned and inserted into yeast one-hybrid bait vector to
more » ... brid bait vector to construct pCW1-AbAi vector, then was transformed to Y1HGold yeast strains to screen the binding proteins. It might provide a framework for further investigation on the regulation mechanism of MeCWINV1 gene in cassava.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20170803020 fatcat:jzacl4wluba4jfitnxpdlj5jdy