Some scattering studies of polymer microstructures, surfaces, and interfaces

R. S. Stein
1991 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
The use of light, x-ray, and neutron scattering and reflection techniques for the study of the structure of polymers in their solid state is discussed for polyethylene blends, liquid crystal polymers, and surface enrichment in polystyrene. For polyethylene blends, the role of one component in affecting the crystallization kinetics and morphology of the second is demonstrated. With liquid crystal polymers, the importance of texture coarsening accompanying disclination annihilation is discussed.
more » ... ifferences in surface and bulk concentration as affected by composition and molecular weight are shown for polystyrene blends
doi:10.1351/pac199163070941 fatcat:sxv6ncpgkrbzpidoa2ipjm3lka