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T Saeed
2017 International Journal of Engineering Technology   unpublished
Poverty makes a person narrow-minded and creates the vices of anger and hate, jealousy and arouses enmity in him which saps away his energies to weaken him in the economic field. So the negative thinking and attitude of withdrawals develop in him. Poverty makes man a rigid person and rigid views are always reflected in his thoughts and feelings. Islam never allow a person to stay as poor. Islam guides the people to overcome the poverty. The individual is assured with sufficient substances.
more » ... nt substances. According to the principles of Islam Allah is the Creator and has taken it upon himself to provide livelihood to His every creature. Wealth is regarded in Islam as a blessing of Allah which has been earned by legal way and man has to be grateful to the Gracious Almighty for the same. At the same time in Islam, poverty is a hardship from the effects of which God's refuge must be sought. In order to eradicate the evils of poverty and hunger from the society God has blessed man with various ways and means. I. CONCEPT OF POOR The Arabic equivalent of poverty is Faqr. It has been used to mean the status of not having income. It is the opposite of Al-Ghina (richness), the verb form is faqara which means that the person became needy i.e. he does not have that with which he can satisfy himself. Faqir in Islam is the deprived one, who has fallen on bad days but does not ask for alms. The Quran says "and feed the distressed ones in want." 1 The unfortunate (Al-Ba'is) is the one who is afflicted with Bu's (adversity), and the Faqir (the poor) is the one who is in a bad situation because of his need. The verses and the narrations from the linguists indicate that Faqr (poverty) means need. Faqeer, therefore is one who needs helps from others because of his disability to earn his livelihood. In conclusion the poor one who is entitled to financial support because he cannot satisfy his needs like food, dress and accommodation etc. There is another word 'miskin' which is derived from sakana meaning motionless which is caused by impoverishment. Of course needy are those men who are fit for earning their living, but cannot do so owing to poverty or lack of means. Hence a miskin is that needy man who, if helped to some extent, can stand on his feet and work. A. Poverty Line The measurement of poverty line of the present world is focusing on the availability of the 2200-2400 calorie of food. This numerical measurement of poverty which is estimated by the statistical report is criticized by Amartya Sen. He writes in his book 'Development As Freedom' explaining that "the development does not mean the growth of national income; it is the expansion of freedom and the life of individuals in the society." 2 His opinion is very near to the Quranic point which says: the wealth is created for the well being of whole humanity. Islam considers poverty as one matter for a man in any country and any generation. Poverty in the view of Islam is the non-satisfaction of the basic needs in a complete way. Islam has defined these basic needs as three, viz. Food, clothing and Accommodation. Prophet says that "the basic needs comprise a house to live, necessary cloth to wear, and bread and water to satisfy hunger and thirst." 3