A New Integro-Differential Equation for Rossby Solitary Waves with Topography Effect in Deep Rotational Fluids

Hongwei Yang, Qingfeng Zhao, Baoshu Yin, Huanhe Dong
2013 Abstract and Applied Analysis  
From rotational potential vorticity-conserved equation with topography effect and dissipation effect, with the help of the multiple-scale method, a new integro-differential equation is constructed to describe the Rossby solitary waves in deep rotational fluids. By analyzing the equation, some conservation laws associated with Rossby solitary waves are derived. Finally, by seeking the numerical solutions of the equation with the pseudospectral method, by virtue of waterfall plots, the effect of
more » ... ots, the effect of detuning parameter and dissipation on Rossby solitary waves generated by topography are discussed, and the equation is compared with KdV equation and BO equation. The results show that the detuning parameterαplays an important role for the evolution features of solitary waves generated by topography, especially in the resonant case; a large amplitude nonstationary disturbance is generated in the forcing region. This condition may explain the blocking phenomenon which exists in the atmosphere and ocean and generated by topographic forcing.
doi:10.1155/2013/597807 fatcat:47vo5o3kbjb45fpuli3dkfqedm