Predicting the relationships between gut microbiota and mental disorders with knowledge graphs

Ting Liu, Xueli Pan, Xu Wang, K. Anton Feenstra, Jaap Heringa, Zhisheng Huang
2020 Health Information Science and Systems  
AbstractGut microbiota produce and modulate the production of neurotransmitters which have been implicated in mental disorders. Neurotransmitters may act as 'matchmaker' between gut microbiota imbalance and mental disorders. Most of the relevant research effort goes into the relationship between gut microbiota and neurotransmitters and the other between neurotransmitters and mental disorders, while few studies collect and analyze the dispersed research results in systematic ways. We therefore
more » ... ther the dispersed results that in the existing studies into a structured knowledge base for identifying and predicting the potential relationships between gut microbiota and mental disorders. In this study, we propose to construct a gut microbiota knowledge graph for mental disorder, which named as MiKG4MD. It is extendable by linking to future ontologies by just adding new relationships between existing information and new entities. This extendibility is emphasized for the integration with existing popular ontologies/terminologies, e.g. UMLS, MeSH, and KEGG. We demonstrate the performance of MiKG4MD with three SPARQL query test cases. Results show that the MiKG4MD knowledge graph is an effective method to predict the relationships between gut microbiota and mental disorders.
doi:10.1007/s13755-020-00128-2 pmid:33262885 pmcid:PMC7686388 fatcat:mami4udy3zdu3d4k6cnhdfvek4