Effects of Heating and Cooling of Injection Mold Cavity Surface and Melt Flow Control on Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Semi-Aromatic Polyamide Molded Products

Yasuhiko Murata, Ryota Kanno
2021 Polymers  
Fiber reinforced thermoplastics (FRTP), reinforced with glass or carbon fibers, are used to improve the mechanical strength of injection-molded products. However, FRTP has problems such as the formation of weld lines, the deterioration of appearance due to the exposure of fibers on the molded product surface, and the deterioration of the strength of molded products due to the fiber orientation in the molded products. We have designed and fabricated an injection mold capable of melt flow control
more » ... and induction heating and cooling. This mold can both heat and cool the injection mold. It can also control the melt flow direction using a movable core pin. In this study, the above-mentioned mold was used for the molding of carbon fiber reinforced semi-aromatic polyamide. As a result, we found that increasing the heating temperature of the mold and increasing melt flow control volume contribute to the prevention of the generation of a weld line and the exposure of fibers on the molded product surface, as well as to the formation of a flat surface and increased bending strength. The relationships of these results with the carbon fiber orientation in the molded products and the crystallization of semi-aromatic polyamide were also examined in this study.
doi:10.3390/polym13040587 pmid:33672061 fatcat:fynozzexfvaq3dkf5nbgyokd2a