Characterization of Seuratia millardetii on Camellia species and in artificial culture

Ian Gillis
2008 North American Fungi  
A sooty mold-like disease of Camellia species is observed frequently in the Pacific Northwest but the identity of the causal organism has not been reported. To clarify taxonomy of the fungus associated with the disorder, affected Camellia leaves were collected from locations in Seattle, WA, and from the Camellia collection of the Washington Park Arboretum, University of Washington. The fungus on affected leaves was determined to be Seuratia millardetii (anamorph: Atichia glomerulosa), a member
more » ... f the Myriangiales sensu Barr known previously from conifer species in the region. Fungal colonies ranged from less than 0.1 mm to 5 mm in diameter, and were cushion-shaped to lobed. Colonies consisted of a peridium of melanized cells containing Genus Species Cultivar Camellia japonica L. Akebono Camellia japonica L. Masterpiece
doi:10.2509/naf2008.003.00714 fatcat:ctlkzk4yi5bbffm2q2gshemjw4