A Study on Healing Environmental Factors to improve Quality of Life in Elderly Care Facilities

In-Young Yoo
2015 unpublished
The purpose of this study is to examine the healing environmental factors to improve quality of life in elderly care facilities. The survey method was used for collecting the data by the structured questionnaire. The participants were 130 healthcare providers who worked at 3 elderly care facilities in a region. The data was analyzed by using SPSS/Win 22.0. The results were as follows: The mean of the healing environmental importance perceived by participants were 4.76(±0.46). Among the healing
more » ... nvironmental domains, comfort scored highest with 4.64 (±0.32) on average, followed by sociality with 4.41 (±0.58), stability with 4.35 (±0.53), territoriality with 4.31 (±0.61), and livability with 4.21 (±0.66). The healing environmental factors affecting the perceived healing environmental importance of participants were natural view, safety/security, and privacy (R 2 = 0.29). As a results, the findings suggest that the health care plans for the elder patients should be carefully designed including physical, emotional and social healing environment to improve quality of life in elderly care facilities. Results & Discussion 120 respondents (92.3%) were female and 10 (7.7%) were male; the mean age was 50.2 years. 90 (69.2%) worked at geriatric hospitals and 40 (30.8%) at nursing homes.
doi:10.14257/astl.2015.88.34 fatcat:6vmnzvvxxbbulophbetjpx4e5m