Comparison and Analysis of H1N1 Hemagglutinin Protein Sequences Based on Fourier Power Spectrum

华 王
2018 Hans Journal of Computational Biology  
Based on the classical HP model, the H1N1 hemagglutinin protein sequence under different characteristics was converted into a digital sequence and the power spectrum of the corresponding sequence was calculated using a discrete Fourier transform. According to these power spectra, a mathematical moment function is established, and the digital sequence is converted into a multi-dimensional moment vector to obtain the corresponding feature vector of the protein sequence. Then using the middle
more » ... nces between the feature vectors to compare and analyze the protein sequences, a good result was obtained. This method converts protein sequences of different lengths through power spectrum and moments into vectors of the same dimension, which makes it easier for us to compare and analyze biological sequences.
doi:10.12677/hjcb.2018.81003 fatcat:qwdxoru2yjbpdpc2cpqhcrfzui