1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
A b ricly ccl.) 1110 voluuics of stor:igc. v.osc1s :iru USIIIIII~ detcrriiiuccl cithcr by ~iic:~sur~ng tho rcsscl and cnlcu-1:itiiig its voliinio ~ii:itlicrii:itic:i~~y, or by filling tho vessel with wntcr :ind wciglii~ig tliu witcr :IS i t is ruii out of tho t:i~lli. Tho first iiietliod is riccurntc ouly for rcctnngulnr tanks or cyli~iclric:rl tiiuks st:uidillg on cnd, ~rllilo tll0 sccoud Illctllotl, tllollgll nccur:itc, is sornc~rl~at Inborioiis. Anotlicr inctliod wliirli has bccii cniploycd
more » ... as bccii cniploycd consists i n filling :I tunk with rrirtcr, :iddi11~: a ltno~rn wciglit of a solublc s:ilt, riud tlicii :innlysing :I s:iiiiplc of the solutioii. Tlris is an iiigcnious iuctliod for tlctcrruining tho totnl volunio of n vcfiscl, providcd tlicro is ndcquiitu ~iic:ins of stirring tho tio1utio11, but it bccoincs laborious if tho voluiiio ,per inch of dcptli is rcquired. h foirrtli iuotliod \vhich cnii 110 CIII )loycd for tlio dctcrniinntion of 11.0 vo~urncs of t:iii/ts dcpcncis 011 tlic princi )lo tlint wvntcr, flowing tlirougli :I tubc or orifico under n constant ~ieiic~, gives n constniit rutc of flow. T I h nietl~od, hoivcrer, docs not seeiii to linvo been much used in prncticc, probably owing to tho fnct tlint tho degrco of nccuracy of sucli n method irns not kuown a i d nlso, possibly, becnuso t~i o :mount of tinio tnlien to fit u p t~i o nppurntus required, mid t o dotermino tho rnto of flow undor a givoii I~cnd, ninkcs tho nietliod ns lnborious n~ tho ,. otlicrs. 1 L w:is LliougliL, IIORCVO~, tlint i t s1ioi11d 110 possiblu to tlcsigu, 011 tliiv principlu, :I courcnic~itly port:iblo :md riccurritu nppnrntus wliicli, after boing ciilil)rntctl onco n i i d for :ill, woirld 110 nvnilnblo for tho rupiil c:ilibr:iLio~i of stortigo tniilts of id1 slinpcs nncl sizes. Such :111 iipparntus wns iiccordingly coustructcd, nud, :∨ :I Cow uiirior rrltcrntious, IWS cnlibrntcd. A description of tho iustrument, nnd an account of tho cspcrinicuts carried out in order to determino th; rnto of floiv of tlic wntcr, :ire given belo~v. 1 Iio nppnr:itus wliicli ivns dcsigiied by Blcssrs. J. A[. ~c i r , N. A y l o r , rind t~i o uutiior, is s~ioirn in tho ncconipnnyi~ig figure. 11 is n brass cylindricnl rcsscl 4 inclics i11 dinuictcr, n~d about 2 ft. 14 in. iii lcugtli. TI10 vesscl is o w n nt tho to , aud is 11c1d in :I rcrticnl posi.tiou t y Iiicnns of t t r e o legs D, cnc~i of w~iicli carries : i ~c v e~i i i g screir, C. ii plunib-linu is provided to ciisuro tli:it tho apparatus IS tiut rcrticnlly. Writer is supplicd to t h o app:ir:itus tlirough tho !&in. inlet cock, D, to which :I Iiosc-pipc cnn bo nttnclicd. lC is a brass overflow pip0 3 in. in dirilnctcr, wliilo F, :I pip0 of siniilar size, dclivcrs wntcr to tho tnuk to bu c:ilibrntcd. In tho first instruniciit this pipe was, for convcni-CI!CC, Inndo iu two parts connected togetlicr by I I I~: I I I S of n screw coupli~ig, C, but in lntcr instruinciits this corrpliug was omitted. TI10 bottom of tho dclirery pip0 is fitted wit11 R screw tlircad, 80 ns t o tnkc n nozzle, LI. Fivo nozzles of dininetcrs f. 8, 4, &, c~ud 3 in. respectivcly wcro provided, so tlint tho qunntity of wntcr delivered to tho tank could bo varied. Tho fuunel I<, works on a swivcI, so tlint i t can bo placed undcrncntli tho nozzlo in an instant and so dircrt tho water from tlic tank ~rliicli is i c i n g cnlibrntcd. 1, is a plnto crfornted with holes in. j11 diniucter, nnd serves t l o doliblo purposo of forming a support for tho pipes, E and F, nnd a t tho sniiio ti1110 reducing turbulonco at tho surfnco of tho wntcr. Tho coin loto nppnrntus only weighs 20 Ib., nud can tlicrcroro bo easily cnrriod about from plnco to plnco by 0110 person. Tlio nietliod of usirig tlionpprirntus is ns follows :-Tho instrurncnt is set 11 iri a vcrticnl position over nuy convcnient inlet 1ioY0 in t~i c corer of tlio vessel to bo cnlibrntcd. Tho funnel, K, is placed undor tho ~iozzlo, arid sullicicnt wntcr led into tho :ipp:~rntus tlirougli tho cock, D, until tlicro is just n slight tricklo of wntcr cscnping tliroirgli tlio overflow pipe, 15. In tho esperinieiits carried out to cnlibrnto tlio nppnrntus tho qunutity of wntcr csc:ipiug tlrror~gli tlw overflow pip0 ~vns dctcr~uincjl, nnd nrcriijicd 0.7 Ib. to 1.5 Ib. per iuinutc. AS soon :is writer is lcnring tho overflow pip0 nt tlio rnto iiicntioiicd :rboro, tho Iicnd of wnter ill tho nppnrntus I1:in rcnclicd :I co~istrint f i g~r c , n~id, SO Iouji :is tliis IorcI is ~n:iiiitnincd, t h qun~itity of wntcr clclircrcd tiirougli tho iiozzlo will Lo cor1st:int. \Ylren this condition Iins I)ccn o1)t:iined tlio fuIiIicI, I<, is suirirtlg drawn from lielow tlic nozzlo, nud tho wntcr is nllo~rctl to flow into tlic tnnk. At tho snnio timo n rclinblc stop-\rntcli is stnrtcd. If i t is rcquirccl to find nicrcly tho total volrirno of tho tritil;, tlio tiino tnltcn to fill i t nit11 w t c r is noted, but, if it is required to dcterrnino tho volumo per iiicli of dcptli, tlicn the fiiiincI, IC, is plnccd I~cncnth tho iiozzlo :liter n dcfinito ir~tcrriil of time, and tho ileptli of wntcr i n tho tnrilr ~nensured. lly cl~oosir~g siiit:il)lo iutorrnls of titno tlio roluu~o per inch of 1'110 cnlibrntion of tho i n s t r~~n c n t fitted with cricl~ of tho fir0 uozzlcs in turu ~r n s cnrricd out in 1110 follo\ving I U : I U I I C~ :-A Inrgo rcct:mgit!:lr box 1r:is pliiccd 011 11 plritforin wcigliirig ninclii~io nud t;ired. Tho cnlibrntor n'ns Rct up so ns to dclivor water iiito tho 110s wliilo :I sl~ort lcngtli of IIOSO pi 10 w s fittcwl to tlic orcr~iow pipo, E, t o carry tllo water pnssiiig from tho ororflow into n tnrcd!uckot. A S SOOII :IS tho 110s oii tlio wcigliing iiincliinc lind bccu tnrctl, tho f u i i n~1 , IC, ~r n s fiscrl bcucntli tho ~loxzlo i11 siicli II w:y, that it prevcutcd wntcr from c~rtering tho hos. 1 110 w t c r wns then tnrnctl on : I I I~ rcguliitctl until tlio qu:iutity pnssil~g out of tlio ovcrllow wiis iibout 1 Ib. por ~niuutc. '1'110 ~U I I I I O~ I\*:IB tlicn drnwa sninrtly nw:iy, tho tinio hciiig tnltcn by lI1c:\11s of :I fitop-w:~tcli, .wliilo nt tho siwm tiino dcptl1 call 110 c:1lculntcd. A 00-70% O f IJitCll Of good IllO~Chilllt~lb~O (lllflliby, CllrlJOllS O f tho bCIl%CIlC, I l~l ] ) h t h~i~C l l C , : I l l d nlitllrll-Vol. SLI., Xo. 17.1 1VALMSLEY.-TAR DISTILLNG. 207 T
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