Intertwining phylogenetic trees and networks [post]

Klaus Schliep, Alastair Alastair Potts, David A Morrison, Guido W Grimm
2016 unpublished
The fields of phylogenetic tree and network inference have dramatically advanced in the last decade, but independently with few attempts to bridge them. Here we provide a framework, implemented in the phangorn library in R, to transfer information between trees and networks. This includes: 1) identifying and labelling equivalent tree branches and network edges, 2) transferring branch support to network edges, and 3) mapping bipartition support from a sample of trees (e.g. from bootstrapping or
more » ... m bootstrapping or Bayesian inference) onto network edges. The ability to readily combine tree and network information should lead to more comprehensive evolutionary comparisons and conclusions.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.2054 fatcat:svh5aqxuijbfzhczn2covjqgjy