О решении задачи течения жидкости и теплообмена в плоском канале с обратным уступом

Александр Аркадьевич Фомин, Alexander Arkad'ievich Fomin, Любовь Николаевна Фомина, Lyubov' Nikolayevna Fomina
2017 Vestnik Samarskogo Gosudarstvennogo Tehničeskogo Universiteta. Seriâ: Fiziko-Matematičeskie Nauki  
All Russian mathematical portal A. A. Fomin, L. N. Fomina, On the solution of fluid flow and heat transfer problem in a 2D channel with backward-facing step, Vestn. Samar. Gos. Tekhn. Abstract The stable stationary solutions of the test problem of hydrodynamics and heat transfer in a plane channel with the backward-facing step have been considered in the work for extremely high Reynolds numbers and expansion ratio of the stream ER. The problem has been solved by numerical integration of the 2D
more » ... avier-Stokes equations in 'velocity-pressure' formulation and the heat equation in the range of Reynolds number 500 Re 3000 and expansion ratio 1.43 ER 10 for Prandtl number Pr = 0.71. Validity of the results has been confirmed by comparing them with literature data. Detailed flow patterns, fields of stream overheating, and profiles of horizontal component of velocity and relative overheating of flow in the cross section of the channel have been presented. Complex behaviors of the coefficients of friction, hydrodynamic resistance and heat transfer (Nusselt number) along the channel depending on the problem parameters have been analyzed.
doi:10.14498/vsgtu1545 fatcat:65rxur3cmbebtih2pjgalbx75y